About us

Willard IoT brings all of the pieces of a successful IoT implementation together, providing the complete ecosystem via our experience and resources.

Performance Experience Technology Principles

Willard IoT has a long history of performance spanning the Aerospace/Defense, Maritime, Government Contracting, Space, Renewable Energy, Hospitality, Healthcare, Construction, Retail, Automotive, Real Estate Development, and Private Equity Investment Markets.


Our professional experience encompasses general management including public companies, international business, engineering and design, manufacturing, chemical formulation; global project management, public accounting, public and private auditing, regulatory compliance, intellectual property management, global recruitment, information assurance, board participation and oversight, design, installation, integration and maintenance of the Internet of Things.


Our technological experience covers specialty chemicals, coatings, sealants, non-metallic materials for stealth, film lamination, rocket propellants, metal to composite fabrication, oleo and natural chemicals, helicopter outfitting, engine remanufacture, hyperspectral imaging, engineering, photovoltaic energy, precision machining, passive optical networks, active networks, integration on telecom systems, technical staffing, neurologic therapies and pharmaceuticals.


The Principals are Dean M. Willard, Chief Executive Officer and Emily Willard, Chief Operating Officer. They have acquired and integrated over 150 companies over the past 50 years.

A successful IoT implementation is comprised of 5 STAGES...

While some companies are able to provide one or two of these elements, Willard IoT is able to bring together all necessary pieces of an IoT implementation, offering one turn key solution via our experience and resources.

1 hardware
2 software
3 information technology services
4 operational technology services
5 delivery & execution

The Willard IoT Journey


Dean M Willard became president of NYSE company, PRC, in 1979, qualifying him for Young Presidents Organization.


Led PRC to several acquisitions and moved PRC market share from 25% to 95% by the end of the 80’s for aircraft sealants and stealth coatings.


PRC named to Forbes Best Small Companies in 1987 and 1988.


Led the sale of PRC to a British chemical company, which moved the value of PRC during Willard’s tenure from $12 million to $over $300 million.


Led the acquisition of DeSoto Aircraft Coatings which added commercial aircraft paints to the Courtaulds Aerospace portfolio.


Led a major change in selling approach and technical development which allowed DeSoto Aircraft Coatings to increase market share from 25% to over 50% by 1995.


Dean M Willard formed Sangha Associates (a Private Equity Investment and Advisory company) with his daughter Emily in the second half of the 1990’s.


In the late 1990's, Sangha formed National NeuroCare Networks. The entity networked major research hospitals to share medical protocols for complex neurologic diseases. Entity was absorbed into UCLA School of Medicine.


Sangha acquired ACTech, a non-metallic materials business serving the aerospace industry.


Sangha restructured Automotive's Performance Group. The market share for Permatex was increased from roughly 50% to 90% when the company successfully sold to ITW.


In the 2000’s Sangha focused heavily on its private equity investment and advisory business.


Sangha acquired AVChem, a small aerospace chemical management company, which grew to revenues in excess of $600 million.


Sangha acquired Reinhold Industries, a small public company in a major restructure, moving market share from 15% to over 50% in 5 years.


Sangha formed an engineering company based in Germany which was focused on the design and construction of utility scale PVC solar power plants.


Sangha acquired Vantage Specialty Chemicals.


Sangha formed Willard Healthcare Solutions (WHS) and Willard Solutions International (WSI) which acquired VT Group’s Healthcare and International Commercial businesses in 2017.


Sangha formed Willard IoT in 2018 to manage the development and execution of IoT solutions.


Willard IoT is continuing to develop and add solutions to its portfolio, sign partnership with IBM in November 2018.