Willard IoT has served the transportation market for well over 50 years. We have provided specialty non-metallic materials to reduce the weight of aircraft as well as to modify the radar and IR profiles of military aircraft.

Willard was also instrumental in developing and gaining dominant market share in the management of chemicals used in the aerospace. This is an area where Willard takes great pride in developing and analyzing data bases that cover tens of thousands of chemical products used in the manufacture, operation and maintenance of aircraft around the world. The data came in multiple languages and carried with it the necessary information to protect workers and users from harm in using hazardous chemicals.

Willard IoT performed substantial analytical work in support of the development and production of the first all non-metallic vehicles produced in the UK.

Today, Willard IoT is focused on improving communication systems to provide better on time performance for commuter transportation. Smart Cities are another opportunity where Willard IoT puts its expertise in security to work in such areas as facial recognition, real time location systems and management of life safety equipment.