Meet the team

Our dedicated leadership team has over 45 years of experience within the technology field and are highly specialized in bringing your large scale projects to life.

Dean M. Willard Emily Willard Marcus Petrasch Greg Dawes William Bussie III
Dean M. Willard
Sangha Associates, Inc. - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Willard Healthcare Solutions - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Willard Solutions International - Chairman
Willard IoT - Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Dean M Willard started his professional career in banking and moved from there to public accounting. Dean became a licensed CPA while working with Price Waterhouse. He left PW to join PRC, an NYSE specialty chemical company and by age 29 he was the company’s president. Dean spent 25 years with PRC building it into a leading supplier of non-metallic materials to the global Aerospace and Defense market.

Dean sold PRC in 1989 and left the acquirers business in 1993. He then went into his own consulting and private equity business which his daughter, Emily joined in 1995. They maintained a keen interest in technology driven businesses and built a number of very successful companies. These businesses ranged from aerospace chemical management, a field of business that Dean literally founded, to non-metallic composites that significantly reduce the weight of commercial aircraft. Other businesses include utility scale PV solar installations, oleo and naturally derived chemical manufacturing, specialty chemicals for the automotive aftermarket, satellite and communications technologies, as well as security and defense related technologies.

In 2017 Dean and Emily acquired Willard Healthcare Solutions and Willard Solutions International.

In 2018 they announced the formation of Willard IoT which brings cognitive computing and Web based networking into their technology portfolio.

Emily Willard
Sangha Associates, Inc. - Chief Operating Officer
Willard Healthcare Solutions - Chief Operating Officer
Willard Solutions International - Chief Executive Officer
Willard IoT - Co-Chairman and Chief Operating Officer

Emily Willard has been involved in international business with her father and business partner, Dean M. Willard, for 25 years. Their first collaboration was the development of the National Neuro-Care Network for UCLA School of Medicine. Subsequently, they made numerous acquisitions in aerospace, defense, non-metallic materials, specialty chemicals, technology, satellite communications, security, grid scale PV solar plants, government services, and healthcare, and hospitality services. In total, they have completed more than 150 transactions.

Marcus Petrasch
Willard Solutions International - Chief Operating Officer – Europe, Middle East and Africa

Mr. Petrasch is an Aerospace Engineer (Dipl.Ing.) and also holds an MBA in International Management. He spent 12 years as an officer in the German Army, during which time he earned both of the aforementioned degrees. During the first 8 years in the Airborne infantry he served as deputy company leader and subsequently transferred to the Defense and Procurement office of Army Aviation. As such, he managed complex multinational helicopter flight simulation programs. Mr. Petrasch finished his military career in the rank of Captain.

After his military career he joined the civil industry in Germany, as Program Manager and Head of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for MBtech GmbH & Co. KGaA. During his 4-year tenure he oversaw cutting edge technology projects.

Mr. Petrasch has a broad technical background, proven project management skills and extensive business experience.

Greg Dawes
Willard Solutions International - Global Technical Director

Greg Dawes has more than 30 years of experience in the communications industry. He is a recognized expert in the design, integration, deployment and maintenance of fiber optic infrastructure and GPON (gigabit passive optical network) systems for hospitality, education, government, healthcare and smart cities.

He is a member of Hospitality Technology Next Generation "HTNG" and a Co-Founder and Co-Chair of their Fiber to the Room workgroup.

William Bussie III
Willard Healthcare Solutions - President

William Bussie has had a distinguished, 20-year career with the United States Air Force in varying capacities, including the roles of Chief Technology Officer and Director of Information Assurance. He has since continued down his career path in the public sector, remaining at the forefront of technology, with a specific focus on the healthcare industry. In addition, he is a Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Network Defense Architect, and Certified Information Systems Security Professional.